"Conductors Impedance" application

Conductors impedance application

In the Conductors impedance application the user deduces equivalent studied parameters from the PEEC computation, whose values are then further used as input data of an electric circuit simulation software, such as SPICE, SABER, MODELICA, PORTUNUS, …

The electric circuit includes:

  • unidirectional or bidirectional conductors
  • passive electric components of resistance, inductance or capacitor type
  • impedance probes (elements that allows the computation of the impedance between two points )
Note: For each impedance probe, there must be at least one path to close the loop that is only formed by conductors and/or components, and there is no other impedance probe. An example is shown in the table below
Prohibited configuration Admitted configuration

The solving process has got two stages:

  1. PEEC computation (independent of the selected application)
    1. computation of the resistances and partial self-inductances (R, L) of each element of the conductor mesh
    2. computation of the partial mutual inductances (M) among all the parallel elements
  2. Computation of impedance
    1. reducing the electrical scheme ⇒ value of the equivalent impedance at the level of the impedance probes

The main result is the impedance of the portions of the circuit defined by the user at the level of the impedance probes.