Applications and restrictions in Flux PEEC


Version 2.1 of the Flux PEEC software takes into consideration any configuration of parallelepiped conductors at an angle, i.e. the three angles – sharp bend, pitching and rolling – can all be at the same time different from 0° and 90°.


Version 2.1 of the Flux PEEC modeling tool can not exploit the ‘perfect ground plane' function if at least one conductor is not positioned along the axes of the Oxyz coordinate system, that is to say, if at least one of the three angles of sharp bend, pitching or rolling is different from 0° or 90°.

Consequently, the user that wishes to model such a positioning could apply the theory of images by himself, thus creating the symmetrical counterpart of the conductors forming the structure. To do that, he could easily rely on the object transformation tools at his disposal in the graphic interface and whose features are described in ‘online help'.