Only one type of import is possible with Flux PEEC: the import of geometries described in the most common formats of the mechanical CAD.

Import of geometries

The import of geometries consists in transforming geometric elements in entities compatible with the Flux PEEC environment. The user is then required to check the imported geometry and correct any faults that may be present.

Import formats

The following table summarizes the different file formats accepted in Flux PEEC.

Available file formats Extension Type of format
IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) *.IGES, *.IGS standard
STEP (Standard for Exchange of Product) *.STEP, *.STP
SAT *.SAT proprietary



Pro/E (Pro Engineer) *.ASM, *.PRT

Type of accepted file

For importation Flux PEEC accepts only files in text format. The binary files are not accepted.

Multiple importation

Multiple importations are available. Flux PEEC is able to import files with different formats (IGES, STEP, etc) in the same project.