Management of the windows


The materials manager is implemented in the Netbeans development environment. The management of the windows is consequently imposed by the Netbeans format.


In the following table, the different icons are presented, their role, as well as what must be done behind to continue to work or to return to the initial state.

Icon Concerns... Role What to do behind
  • One window of the material
  • window of Help
  • window of Flux projects
  • window of Overview
  • window Welcome
Close the window

To open the closed window:

  • For a material: double click on the material
  • For the others, click on the corresponding icon:

  • The window containing all the materials bases:

  • The window containing all the windows Flux projects / Overview / Help

Reduce the window(s) to be able to open it / them momentarily.

After the we have:

  • To momentarily open a window : point the cursor on the name of the vertical window to look at the contents very rapidly / click on the name of the vertical window to preserve the window open longer (it could disappear if you click elsewhere)
  • To enlarge the window in order to maintain it permanently open: click on
The same as above after you have clicked on Enlarge the window to maintain it permanently open It is then possible to use and

Reset windows

(window menu)

All the windows of the materials manager Reset all the windows to the initial state (first opening of the application)