Additional Models

The following optional models can be added to a simulation.  When using these models a base model is required, this base model can be one of the build in models or a custom API model. Some of these models are only available for using in Multi-Sphere and Sphero-Cylinder simulations.


  1. Archard Wear
  2. Relative Wear
  3. Oka Wear
  4. Bonding (legacy) (Deprecated)

  5. Bonding V2

  6. Linear Cohesion V2

  7. Heat Conduction

  8. Electrostatics

  9. Tribocharging

  10. Linear Cohesion (Removed)

  11. Moving Plane (Removed)

  12. Spray Coating

  13. Tavares UFRJ Breakage

  14. Wet Mixing (experimental)



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