Changing the viewing mode

The View menu lets you change the appearance of your blocks, diagrams, and window elements. The table below describes the View menu commands.



How it affects the window

Block Labels

Displays user-specified labels below the blocks.

To create a block label, enter it in the Label box in the block’s Properties dialog box.

When searching for a block with Edit > Find, you can use the block label as a search item.


Changes screen element colors.

Connector Labels

Displays user-specified labels next to the tab or in the pop-up text when you probe a signal.

Control Panel

Displays the Simulation Control Panel.

Data Types

Colors connector tabs according to their data type.

Display Mode

Hides wires and connectors, freezes blocks in place, and except for interactive elements on buttons and sliders, locks block parameter values. If you have inserted a Display Image block in the diagram, it will not be seen until you simulate the diagram.

The CTRL and CTRL+right-click methods of accessing block Properties dialog boxes are disabled.

Prevents any changes from being made to the diagram. For example, File > Add, Edit > Paste, and Edit > Create Compound are disabled.


Changes the fonts used to display such things as block names and labels.

Output Console

Records items searched for and found.

Presentation Mode

Hides input connector tabs and shrinks output connector tabs.

Status Bar

Displays the status bars.


Customizes the toolbar.

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Controls how large or small blocks appear in the diagram.