Connections Between Triangles and Segments

Data for connections between triangles and segments are given for triangles and segments that share connection points.

Note: The below data is only given if there are connections between triangles and segments.

      Data of of segm.                 info of symmetry    
 no.   DRENUM DREPOI  SEGNUM SEGPOI    angle        yz     xz     xy  status
     1                    11      1  360.0000        0      0      0  unknown
           15      1                  45.0000
           33      1                  45.0000
           55      1                  45.0000

Each connection point is assigned a consecutive number which is given in the first column. The column DRENUM gives the number of the triangle at the connection point, while the connecting vertex (1 to 3) is listed in the column DREPOI. Likewise the column SEGNUM gives the connecting segment’s number and the connecting end in the SEGPOI column. If the start point of the segment is connected, SEGPOI=1, else the end point is connected and SEGPOI=2. The column angle gives the angle that is formed by the triangle at the connection point (in degrees). The meaning of the symmetry information in the last four columns is the same as that of the metallic triangles.