Create a torus with surrounding coil.


  • Choose the name of the cut plane
  • Select to create or not the torus part
  • Select the coordinate system at the center of the torus
  • Select the cross section of the torus: Yes=Rectangular/No=Circular
  • Define inner diameter of the torus
  • Define outer diameter of the torus
  • Define torus height (ignore if circular section)
  • Define gap angle in torus (in degree)
  • Define distance between torus and coil
  • Define average coil diameter
  • Define fillet radius (if rectangular section)
  • Define turn number
  • Select Yes=discrete coils/No=continuous turn
  • Define coil number (or turn number if continuous)
  • Define coil resistance
  • Select coil representation: Yes=line/No=volume
  • Define angle of coil representation (in degree)
  • Select with or without mesh guide (for the coil)


  • Create torus (for magnetic region)
  • Create non-meshed coil around the torus
  • Create an electrical circuit with voltage and coil