Use Distributed Computation (CDE) with Hosted Altair Units

The Hosted Altair Units are linked with the Windows user profile in a way.

So, there are two possibilities to use Distributed Computation (CDE) with Hosted Altair Units:

  • Possibility 1 (which is easier) is to make sure CSS (creating the Flux servers) has the same rights as you do in terms of license. Otherwise it only looks locally for the file or for the environment variable.

    So you need to go to Windows Services and find Cedrat Soft Server (CSS) service. In the Properties, Log On tab, you need to use your Windows credentials so that the service runs with your profile.

    For this possibility, you do not need to be connected to a given network. It should be your Windows credentials. Then stop/start the CSS service.

  • Possibility 2 is to make sure the token you have from Hosted Altair Units is valid for the whole machine instead of one specific user.

    For that, you need to generate a new token and use the given command for almutil tool:

     -hhwuauth       [-system -code <code>]
                     Authorize with the Altair Hosted HyperWorks Units system.
                     -system will set system-wide authorization.
                     -code the authorization code you receive from the web portal