Useful commands

Here after is the description of some useful CDE functionalities available in the Manager.

Command Description
Menu File > Server properties Allows displaying the server properties (distribution server name, shared folder name,…)
Menu File > Platform report Allows generating a report of the platform. This report could be useful for support queries.
Menu File > Kill server processes Allows stopping all the computation server (FluxServer) processes that could be remaining on the computation machines after execution problem occurred
Right click on selected node(s)

Diagnose nodes

Allows diagnosing nodes (connectivity, shared folder access,…)
Note: The diagnostic is done automatically at the end of the platform configuration.
Right click on selected node(s)

Server launch test

Allows testing the computation server (FluxServer) launching
Right click on selected node(s)

Disable nodes

Allows disabling node(s) without removing it(them) from the platform
Right click on selected node(s)

Remove nodes

Allows removing node(s) from the platform