Mechanical sets

Moving parts and type of motion

To describe motion, first we must define:

  • the moving parts: the fixed parts, the moving parts and the “the areas in which the moving part is moving”

  • the motion type: rotation around an axis, translation along a line

Moving parts

To describe motion in the finite element domain, the regions are assigned to mechanical sets.

As volumes are assigned to regions with the same physical characteristics, regions are assigned to mechanical sets with the same displacement or kinematic characteristics.

Mechanical set: definition

A mechanical set is a set of regions and coils that have the same displacement characteristics: fixed, moving or compressible.

A mechanical set of …

includes the regions corresponding to…

fixed type fixed parts
moving type moving parts
compressible type the area of air in which the moving part is moving
Note: Non-meshed coils must belong either to the fixed mechanical set or to the moving mechanical set, but never to the compressible mechanical set.

Motion type

Flux models the following types of motion:

  • translation along an axis
  • X, Y or Z axis in 3D
  • Y axis in 2D
  • rotation around an axis
  • X, Y or Z axis in 3D
  • X axis in 2D