SimLab Tutorial Summary: 3D Electric Motor of Tesla Model 3


This tutorial shows how to use SimLab to design and run electromagnetic analysis with Flux solver for electric motors. The 3D studied device, the Tesla Model 3's electric motor, includes the following elements:

• a fixed part (stator) including yoke, slots, and windings

• an air gap

• a movable part (rotor) with surfaced magnets

In SimLab, the 3D magnetostatic solution can be easily set up through the Quick EM Workflow.

Analysis 1: Computation of the cogging torque

The cogging torque is computed with a multi-position simulation and zero current value. The multi-position is simulated with a transient application at constant speed. The simulation step is set as 0.16666 deg and up to 6.66664 deg, which corresponds to 1 mechanical degree per second...

Example access

All files corresponding to this example are accessible in the Knowledge Base in Altair community:

  • to follow the example step by step, the corresponding files are in "Example_name_StepByStep" folder containing:
    • Tutorial folder: contains the document describing the example step by step
    • InitialFiles folder: contains *.slb databases and files needed to build the example step by step
  • to play scripts and retrieve SimLab and Flux project, the corresponding files are in "Example_name_PlayScripts" folder containing:
    • Scripts folder: contains script files to be able to play each analysis
    • Input folder: contains initial *.slb databases and all necessary files to play each analysis script
    • Output folder: empty (contains the obtained results after the script execution)