Add a Pair of Bushings

In addition to adding a single bushing to your project, you can also add a pair of bushings such as AutoBushFD pair. When you add a pair, MotionView automatically reflects modifications you make on the left bushing of the pair to the right bushing, unless you choose otherwise. MotionView assumes bilateral symmetry about the global X-Z plane.

These options are explained in detail below:

From the Symmetry option menu, make a selection. lets you select Right, Left or None to tell MotionView to reflect or not to reflect modifications.
  • Left → Right: Reflect modifications from the left bushing to the right bushing. You cannot modify connectivity or properties of the right bushing.
  • Right → Left: Reflect modifications from the right bushing to the left bushing. You cannot modify connectivity or properties of the left bushing.
  • None: Do not reflect modifications to either side of the bushing pair. You can modify the connectivity and properties independently allowing for asymmetrical connectivity or properties.
Tip: For symmetrical bushings, you need only enter data for one side of the bushing. For asymmetrical bushings, select None, and then alter a left or right bushing independently as required for manufacturing tolerances or design.