Create Materials

Create new materials and define their properties.

The materials available and their corresponding properties are based on the fatigue module that you select. If SN or Weld is selected, materials with SN properties are listed. If EN is selected, materials with EN properties are listed.

Note: Unlike OptiStruct, materials in HyperLife are defined by stress amplitude by default.
  1. Click the Material tool.

    Figure 1.
    The Assign Material dialog opens.
  2. Create a new material with reference to an existing material.
    1. Click the Material DB tab.
    2. Search the database for a material with properties that resemble your desired material.
      Tip: Use the search widgets to quickly find and filter options.
    3. Click Save as MyMaterial.
    4. Click the My Material tab.
    5. Edit the name of the newly created material and any relevant properties.
    6. Click Plot & Save.
  3. Create a material from scratch.
    1. Click the My Material tab.
    2. Click to create a new material.
    3. Edit the name and any relevant properties.
      Note: Several input methods are available for fitting an SN curve based on the data provided.
    4. Click Plot & Save.

    Figure 2.
Note: Changing the units automatically updates the material properties and magnitudes accordingly.