Define the Linear Scaling Factor

The Constant Scale text box allows you to define the linear scaling factor that will be applied to the selected (or highlighted) loadsteps in the table.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click the Loadcase tool.

      Figure 1.
    • Right-click in the Results Browser and select Create > Derived Load Case then a load case type.
    The Create/Edit Derived Load Case dialog is displayed.
  2. Select the desired loadstep(s) in the table.
    Note: The default setting for the scaling factor is 1.0.
  3. Update the value in the Constant Scale field and press Enter (or click Apply).
    The scale field in the table, for the selected loadsteps, will be automatically updated with the new factor.
    Tip: You can change the scale factor for a particular loadstep or simulation step by clicking inside the Scale field in the table to manually edit the value.