Weld Certification Introduction

Learn the features and benefits of HyperLife Weld Certification.

Verifying Weld Lines Against the Evaluation Requirements using HyperLife Weld Certification

Weld lines are a common connection type in many products. Usually, these weld lines need to be verified against mechanical or fatigue requirements. Depending on the industry, product, and customer, various verification methods exist.

The process of manually preparing the weld line for verification, calculation of weld line utilization, and processing the results involves many steps and a lot of effort. Thus, there is a need for straight-forward, accurate, and reproducible preprocessing and post-processing automation.

HyperLife Weld Certification is the solution offered by Altair to satisfy the need mentioned above.

Benefits of Using HyperLife Weld Certification

  • Faster weld evaluation (including the stages of pre, screening, evaluation, and post)
  • Less scope for mistakes (guided, simplified and automated process)
  • More accurate results (calculation at all required measure points)
  • Cost effective (HW licensing units, maintenance, support)
  • Open platform for supporting various regulations
  • Needs only a FE model and FE results, and can be applied to existing models

Main Features of HyperLife Weld Certification

  • Can be extended to multiple solvers (Currently supports OptiStruct and Nastran solvers)
  • Open platform for multiple weld line regulations
  • Possibility to easily modify the regulation definition and add new ones to the tool
  • Both pre- and post-processing works within the HyperWorks environment and there is no need to manually switch between software
  • Automatic weld line detection
  • Fast and easy result preview through a screening process
  • Automatic marking of critical weld lines
  • Guided and simplified work flow

Launching HyperLife Weld Certification

  1. Start the HyperLife application.
  2. From the File menu, click Load > Weld Certification.

    The HyperLife Weld Certification profile launches as a separate instance.