Components collect and organize points, lines, surfaces, solids, elements and connectors. Components are intended to be organizational containers for the geometry and FE idealization of a physical part which makes up a product.

Components can be organized into one or more assemblies, therefore, components are not mutually exclusive to an assembly. It is not recommended to organize components into multiple assemblies if it can be avoided. The components which are not organized into an assembly can be observed by changing the entity view in the Model Browser to Assembly View.

Components can be assigned properties and materials. Component property and material assignments are solver interface dependent. In general, when a component is assigned a property or material, that property or material assignment is applied to all elements organized within that component. The method of assigning properties and materials at the component level is therefore referred to as indirect property and material assignment. Direct property and material assignment is performed directly on the elements themselves. Direct property and material assignments always take precedence over indirect property and material assignments.

Abaqus Cards

Card Description
*ASSEMBLY A collection of positioned part instances.
*END ASSEMBLY Specifies the end of the assembly definition.
*END INSTANCE End of the part instance.
*END PART End of a part definition.
*INSTANCE Used to instance a part within an assembly.
*PART Contains nodes, elements, and properties for a specific part.


Card Description


Card Description


Card Description
*PART Defines parts for part adaptivity.
*PART_COMPOSITE Provides a simplified method of defining a composite material model for shell elements that eliminates the need for user defined integration rules and part IDs for each composite layer.
*PART_COMPOSITE_CONTACT Allows part based contact parameters to be used with the automatic contact types a3, 4, a5, a10, 13, 15 and 26.
*PART_CONTACT Allows part-based contact parameters to be used with the automatic contact types a3, a5, a10, a13, 15 and 26
*PART_INERTIA Allows the inertial properties and initial conditions to be defined rather than calculated from the finite element mesh.
*PART_MOVE Translate a part by an incremental displacement in either a local or a global coordinate system.
*PART_PRINT Allows user control over whether output data is written into the ASCII files MATSUM and RBDOUT.
*PART_REPOSITION Applies to deformable materials and is used to reposition deformable materials attached to rigid dummy components whose motion is controlled by either CAL3D or MADYMO.


Card Description
MPART / General Modular Material Part definition
MPART / ATYPE = SHELL Shell Modular Material Part definition
MPART / ATYPE = SOLID Solid Modular Material Part definition
PART / General Part Definition (3D, 2D, 1D)
PART / ATYPE = BAR Bar Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = BEAM Beam Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = BSHEL Brick Shell Part Definition (3D)
PART / ATYPE = COS3D Cohesive Part Definition (3D)
PART / ATYPE = ELINK ELINK Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = GAP Gap Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = JOINT Joint Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = KJOIN Kinematic Joint Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = LLINK LLINK Part Definition (1D) (LLINK part definition input is phased out as of solver version 2018)
PART / ATYPE = MBKJN MBSYS Kinematic Joint Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = MBSPR MBSYS Spring Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = MEMBR Membrane Part Definition (2D)
PART / ATYPE = MTOJNT MTOJNT Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = MUSCLE Muscle Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = PLINK PLINK Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = SHELL Shell Part Definition (2D)
PART / ATYPE = SLINK SLINK Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = SOLID Solid Part Definition (3D)
PART / ATYPE = SPHEL SPH Element Part Definition (3D)
PART / ATYPE = SPRGBM Spring-Beam Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = SPRING Spring Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = TETRA Tetrahedral Part Definition (3D)
PART / ATYPE = TIED Tied Interface Part Definition (1D)
PART / ATYPE = TSHEL Thick Shell Part Definition (2D)
SECURE/ ENCRYTYP = MPART Secure definition for Modular Material Part entity to encrypt information in the input file
SECURE/ ENCRYTYP = PART Secure definition for Part entity to encrypt information in the input file

Permas Cards

Card Description
$ELPROP Assignment of geometrical data and material to elements.

Radioss Cards

Card Description
/PART Defines a part, which combines material and property information. Optionally, the interface gap can be specified.
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