HM-1000: Introduction to HyperMesh

In this tutorial you will explore the basic concepts of HyperMesh's user interface. You should review this section as it provides a general overview of HyperMesh.

Open and Save Files

In this tutorial you will learn how to open and save files in HyperMesh.

In this task you will perform the following actions:
  • Open a HyperMesh file
  • Import a file into a current HyperMesh session
  • Save the session as a HyperMesh model file
  • Export the geometry to an IGES file
  • Export the mesh data to an OptiStruct input file
  • Delete the data from the current session
  • Import an IGES file
  • Import an OptiStruct file to the current HyperMesh session

Open the HyperMesh Model File

In this exercise you will learn how to open HyperMesh model files.

This exercise uses the following model files:
  • bumper_end.igs
  • bumper_end_rgd.fem

Each model file contains different sections of the bumper that when combined make up the whole bumper model. Copy the model file(s) from the file to your working directory.

Open the HyperMesh model file:
  1. Start HyperMesh Desktop.
  2. To open a HyperMesh file, click File > Open > Model from the menu bar, or click

  3. In the Open File dialog, open the model file.
    HyperMesh loads a model containing mesh and geometry data.

    Figure 1.