Tools Menu

The MotionView Tools menu allows you to check a model for errors, select a writer and user mode, and access such panels as Reports, Templex Functions, and Options.

The following options can be accessed from the menu:
Option Description
Check Model Searches for unresolved references and invalid data in the model.
Freeze Output Ids Performs the Check Model function and locks all MDL output IDs to their respective values resulting from Check Model.
Import CAD or FE using HyperMesh Allows you to generate detailed graphics for an MDL model using various source files.
Model Identification Tool Invokes the Model Identification Tool. This tool can be used to fit experimental data to analytical models for frequency, amplitude, and preload dependent bushings.
CG/Inertia Summary Used to obtain the total mass, center of gravity, and inertia of the models or bodies within a model.
Custom Wizards Select one of the following custom wizards from this menu:
  • ABAQUS Fil -> Altair Formats
  • MV Gfile Trans
Reports Allows you to add predefined page sets to a session.
MS UserSub Build Tool Invokes the MotionSolve User Subroutine Build Tool.
Templex Functions Allows you to create and edit Templex functions
Options Displays the Options dialog, which allows you to set various options for your model.