Topography Optimization

An advanced form of shape optimization in which a design region for a given part is defined and a pattern of shape variable-based reinforcements within that region is generated using OptiStruct.

The approach in topography optimization is similar to the approach used in topology optimization, except that shape variables are used rather than density variables. The design region is subdivided into a large number of separate variables whose influence on the structure is calculated and optimized over a series of iterations. The large number of shape variables allows you to create any reinforcement pattern within the design domain instead of being restricted to a few.

The following responses (see Responses for a description) are currently available as the objective or as constraint functions:
Mass 1 Volume 1 Center of Gravity
Moment of Inertia Static Compliance Static Displacement
Natural Frequency Buckling Factor Static Stress, Strain, Forces
Static Composite Stress, Strain, Failure Index Frequency Response Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration Frequency Response Stress, Strain, Forces
Weighted Compliance Weighted Frequency Combined Compliance Index
Function Bead discreteness fraction Temperature
1 Mass and Volume are not recommended for use as objectives or constraints since mass and volume are not very sensitive to design changes in topography optimization.