Altair® Panopticon


Parameter Value Passing Into the Web Client

The Web client uses JSON URL query string to pass parameters.

For example:


Again, parameter values must be URL encoded:



q  Parameters are passed in JSON format

q  Every parameter’s name should be enclosed in double quotes (i.e., “”)

q  /params/ sub-path should be placed in prior to JSON sections with parameters

q  Special symbols in the parameter values should be URL-encoded. (Refer to Special Symbols to Pass Parameter Values into the HTML5 Client for more information.)

Here is an example URL with parameters that displays one of the example workbooks:



This workbook can also be displayed on the web browser using this URL:

http://localhost:8080/panopticon/workbook/#/How to Auto Parameterize/Summary/params/{"Region":"Europe","Industry":"Consumer Goods"}

To filter specific values, the array of values can be passed again in a standard JSON format, enclosing the array elements into square brackets:

{"Region":["Europe","North America"]}

For example:

http://localhost:8080/panopticon/workbook/#/How to Auto Parameterize/Summary/params/{"Region":["Europe","North America"],"Industry":"Consumer Goods"}