Altair® Panopticon



There are two ways of connecting to a database from Altair Panopticon Real Time.

a.     Use the Listed Data Connector for the specific Database (if available).

Includes: Cassandra,  Elasticsearch 6.x, Elasticsearch 7.x, InfluxDB, Kx kdb+, ksqlDB, LivySpark, MongoDB, OneTick, OneTick Cloud, Panopticon Data Extract, Splunk.

b.     Use the JDBC connector.

This requires:

1.     Addition of the JDBC JAR(s) for the required Database into Tomcat/Lib.

2.     For JNDI:

Update of the server configuration file: panopticon.xml to include the new JNDI resource name.


3.     For URL: Use the URL specific to the database’s JDBC driver, the Driver Class Name specific to the driver, and the Username and Password.