Exporting a Mesh

Export the model mesh or simulation mesh.

  1. [Optional] Select the geometry parts or mesh parts to export. If no part is selected, all included meshes of the specified type are exported.
  2. On the Home tab, in the File group, click the  Export icon. From the drop-down list select the  Mesh icon.

    Figure 1. The STL export dialog.

If a geometry part or mesh part was selected in Step 1, the Only export selection check box is selected.

  1. [Optional] To export only the meshes associated with the selected parts, select the Only export selection check box.
  2. [Optional] To export only the bounding faces of volume meshes, select the Only export bounding faces of volume meshes check box.
    Note: This setting applies to NASTRAN mesh, STL mesh and I-DEAS mesh.
  3. [Optional] To export dimensions in metre, select the Scale to metre check box.
    Note: This setting applies to CADFEKO mesh, Feko HyperMesh, NASTRAN mesh and STL mesh.

If the model contains mesh parts (imported meshes) and simulation meshes (meshed geometry or remeshed mesh parts), the options under Specify which mesh to export are enabled.

  1. Under Specify which mesh to export, select one of the following:
    • To export the meshed model of the geometry or the remeshed version of an imported mesh, click Simulation mesh.
    • To export an imported mesh, click Model mesh.
  2. Click OK to export the mesh and to close the dialog.
    Exporting a .fhm file also replaces the .inc file of the same name (if it exists).