Importing a Mesh

Import a mesh model into CADFEKO.

  1. On the Home tab, in the File group, click the  Import icon. From the drop-down list select the  Mesh icon.
  2. Select the File and Format tab.
    1. In the Filename field, browse for the file you want to import.

Specify the advanced settings for the mesh import.

  1. [Optional] Select the Advanced tab. Specify the relevant advanced import settings.
  2. Click Import to import the mesh model and close the dialog.
    Note: When importing a .fhm file and an .inc file exists in the same folder with the exact file name, then the media definitions are imported from the .inc file.
    PREFEKO imports the resulting .fek file1.

  3. The dialog is closed if there are no errors or warnings. If there are errors or warnings given, click the Warnings tab or Errors tab to view the relevant information.
1 PREFEKO is not run for .fek file, .raw file and .txt file imports