Add a geom actor to the scene graph.


geomActor = vis.addGeomActor( type = "cylinder", center = [0,0,0],
                                        normal = [0,1,0], normalX = [1,0,0],
                                        normalY = [0,1,0], normalZ = [0,0,1],
                                        radius = None, height = None,
                                        width = None, depth = None,
                                        xangle = None, yangle = None,
                                        zangle = None, color = [1,0,0],
                                        point = None, pntList = None,
                                        point1 = None, point2 = None,
                                        text = None, pointSize = 2,
                                        lineWidth = 2, fontSize = None,
                                        arrowLength= None, triSize = None,
                                        tetSize = None, vis = True,
                                        trans = False, transVal = 0.5,
                                        points = None )


type (string)
Type of the geom actor. It could be cylinder, cone, box, sphere, tet, triangle, circle, brick, text or quade.
center (array)
Center of the geom actor.
normal (array)
Geom normal vector.
normalX (array)
Geom normalX.
normalY (array)
Geom normalY.
normalZ (array)
Geom normalZ.
radius (real)
Geom radius.
height (real)
Geom height.
width (real)
Geom width.
depth (real)
Geom depth.
xangle (real)
Geom xangle.
yangle (real)
Geom yangle.
zangle (real)
Geom zangle.
color (list of RGB)
Geom color.
point (array)
Geom point.
pntList (list)
Geom point list.
point1 (array)
Geom first point.
point2 (array)
Geom second point.
text (string)
Geom text.
pointSize (integer)
Geom point size.
lineWidth (integer)
Geom line width.
fontSize (integer)
Geom text font size.
arrowLength (integer)
Geom arrow length.
triSize (integer)
Geom triangle size.
tetSize (integer)
Geom tet size.
vis (boolean)
Geom visibility.
trans (boolean)
Geom transparency.
transVal (integer)
Geom transparency value.
points (array)
Geom points.

Return Value

geomActor (object)
The geom actor.




This routine adds a geom actor to the scene graph. For example,
geomActor = vis.addGeomActor( type = 'cylinder',
                                        radius = 3 )