Add text to the report.


addText( text, justify = "flushleft", newLine = True,
                   style = None, size=None )


text (string)
Text to be added to the document.
justify (string)
Text justification. Valid values are flushleft, flushright and center.
newLine (boolean)
If True, adds a new line after the text.
style (string)
Style of the text. Valid values are emph, textrm, textsf, texttt, textup, textit, textsl, textsc, textbf, textmd, uline, uwave and sout.
size (string)
Text size. Valid values are HUGE, Huge, LARGE, Large, large, small and tiny.

Return Value



This routine adds text to the report. The text contents, justification, style and size are given by text, justify, style and size. If newLine is True a new line will be added after the text. For example,
rep.addText( "ACUSIM Software, Inc.", justify="center" )