get ()

Return an Acudb value.


value = adb.get( name, index1 = None,
                           index2 = None, index3 = None )


name (string)
Name of the data.
index1 (integer)
Index 1 of the data.
index2 (integer)
Index 2 of the data.
index3 (integer)
Index 3 of the data.

Return Value

value (depends on the variable)
Acudb value


Index1, 2 ,3 must have proper values.


This routine returns an acudb value. The adb variable name is given by name. For example,
OsiVars = adb.get( "nOsiVars" )
for i in range( nOsiVars ):
name = adb.get( "osiVarName", i )