Network license manager daemon.


acuLmd [options]


AcuSolve License Manager Program


AcuLmd is the network license manager daemon. This program runs in the background and checks out licenses to the solver. This program is typically not invoked by itself, but rather the program acuLmg is used to start and stop AcuLmd.

In the following, the full name of each option is followed by its abbreviated name and its type. For a general description of option specifications, see Command Line Options and Configuration Files. See below for more individual option details:

help or h (boolean)
If set, the program prints a usage message and exits. The usage message includes all available options, their current values and the source of their current values.
lm_port or lmport (integer)
TCP port number that the network license manager uses for communication.
lm_license_file or lmfile (string)
Full address of the license file. This file is read frequently. When this option is set to _auto, the value is internally changed to $ACUSIM_HOME/$ACUSIM_MACHINE/license.dat.
lm_log_file or lmlog (string)
Full path to the file in which to record licensing check-out and check-in events. When this value is set to _none, the messages are directed to the system log.
lm_restricted_access or lmra (boolean)
Restrict access to the license manager start/stop/restart operations.
lm_uninstall_service or lmrm (boolean)
Uninstall the license manager service. Used on Windows platforms only.


To manually start the daemon from the license server machine, issue the command

If a daemon is already running, AcuLmd immediately returns. Otherwise, it spawns a second copy of AcuLmd to the background.

The daemon acuLmd logs its messages into the system .log file by default. Consult the system file /etc/syslog.conf for the location of the system .log file on your system. This behavior can be overridden by setting the lm_log_file option to redirect the output to a user specified file.