CFD Advantages

This section details the diverse advantages of CFD.

Several of the many possible advantages of CFD are listed below:
  • Evaluation of performance before modifying or installing a system.

    Without commissioning a real system CFD results can forecast critical regions for improved performance.

  • Provides detailed information of the variables on the complete domain.

    CFD simulation can provide all of the information in a single run, unlike the experiments that require multiple runs for evaluating different variables.

  • Non-intrusive techniques with powerful visualizing techniques.

    Some of the experiments are intrusive, such as measuring equipment interfering with the flow under consideration, which can be eliminated with CFD.

  • The possibility to have a variety of post-processing providing a deeper insight of results.

    CFD can help with evaluating the user-defined variables such as drag and pressure coefficient directly.

  • Costs much less than experiments with lesser turnaround times.

    Most of the experimental equipment is costly and requires a large amount of time and expertise in setting up the experiment unlike CFD simulation.