Get the size of the extended flow data.


nVars = ufpGetExtNVars ( ufpHd, dataName ) ;


AcuSolve User-Defined Function Flow Routine.


ufpHd (pointer)
The opaque handle which was passed to the user function.
dataName (integer)
Name of the requested data.

Return Value

The return value is the size of the one dimensional real array that ufpGetExtData (ufpHd, dataName) would return.

You are responsible for ensuring that the requested data is available in the AcuSolve data base. dataName must be specified in the extended_flow_variables parameter of the FLOW_FIELD command in the trace input file.

This function is useful primarily if you do not know the size of the array returned by ufpGetExtData from before.


This routine returns the size of the extended flow data.

In the trace input file, you could have
      extended_flow_variables      = 
In a user defined function, the lines
Integer size ;
size        = ufpGetExtNVars( ufpHd, "grad_velocity" ) ;

would set the value of size to 9.


This routine expects valid ufpHd and dataName as arguments; invalid arguments return an error.