nanoFluidX Auxiliary Tools for ParaView

Learn how to install the nanoFluidX toolbar plugin and load the rendering material library.

Auxiliary Tools

ParaView is a powerful post-processing tool. In its open-end generality, it exposes a large number of tools which exceed the typical use of nanoFluidX users. To that goal, starting with version 2020.1, nanoFluidX install package contains a ParaView Plugin for exposing nanoFluidX post-processing tools.

When enabled, this Plugin exposes two nanoFluidX-dedicated toolbars and allows for easier post-processing as you no longer need to worry which filters can or should be used. It also conveniently removes the need for filter searching through the drop-down menus.

Starting with the version 5.6, ParaView features Intel OSPRay ray-tracing engine as a part of the default installation. The OSPRay engine in ParaView is exposed in the filter properties menu. Combined with already powerful and intuitive camera and animation capabilities of ParaView, it is now possible to create high-quality rendered images and videos with ease.

With ParaView version 5.8, general performance and the OSPRay capabilities have been significantly improved.

However, one noticeable drawback in the OSPRay application under ParaView is severe lack of material library items which can be assigned to the geometry on screen.

To improve on this issue, nanoFluidX is now shipped with a substantial material library covering various metals, five colors of oil (light, medium, dark, Altair orange, and Altair blue) and other colors with matte, glossy, or transparent variants.