Recommended Settings and Customizations for SimLab

From the menu bar, click File > Preferences to access the SimLab settings.

It is recommended that the following Preferences be defined for the best experience with nanoFluidX:
  • From the Preferences dialog, under Applications > Options, enable the Enable units for new database checkbox and choose the default units system. Set the number of cores to be used for meshing/particle generation and enable parallel meshing.

    Figure 1.
  • From the Preferences dialog, under Applications > Graphics, select your preferred rotation/selection mapping for mouse settings.

    Figure 2.
    Note: In the Applications section, you can review, edit, and transfer keyboard shortcut settings.
  • In the title bar of the Model Browser, right-click and add the Material and Material ID columns.

Output Window

The Output Window provides all the necessary information of the model and the process that is being executed by the software. It also provides information about any errors that have occurred.

If you intend to use the DataCheck feature for nanoFluidX, enable the Output Window by clicking View > Output Window from the menu bar.

For more information on using the Data Check feature, please see Verify the model using Data Check.