NFX-T: 1000 Simple Gearbox

Set up a simple multiphase gearbox for drive train oiling simulation using SimLab for CFD-nanoFluidX solution. Oil distribution will be analyzed and torques and forces will be computed.

Note: A PDF version of this tutorial is available in the Model Files section.
In this lesson you will learn how to:
  • Select unit system
  • Import CAD geometry (*.x_b)
  • Define SPH flow solution
  • Prepare the geometry for simulation
  • Assign materials
  • Define domain (gravity)
  • Assign motion
  • Create reference node for fluid volume
  • Perform one-click SPH particles creation
  • Review conflicting fluid particles
  • Set solver settings and result requests
  • Data check
  • Export particle and configuration files
  • Save a SimLab database (*.slb)
The model is a simple gearbox with two gears of radius 62.5 mm (Output_Gear) and 20.0 mm (Input_Gear). We will create a 1.0 sec multiphase simulation at a resolution of 1.0 mm. Input speed will be 1000 rpm.

Figure 1.


  • Physical time: 1.0 s
  • Resolution: 1.0 mm
  • No. of particles: 1.3 M
  • Pre-processing: < 10 min
  • 1x NVIDIA Tesla V100: 30 min


To run this simulation, you will need access to a licensed version of SimLab and nanoFluidX.

Model Files

Before you begin, copy the file(s) used in this tutorial to your working directory.

Tutorial Video

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