OptiStruct Interface 2022 Release Notes

Altair HyperMesh

New Features

Electrical Analysis
New bulk cards to setup electric analysis:
  • Materials
  • Loads
  • Subcase selection and analysis types
LoadStep inputs entity
Bulk cards like RLOAD1/2, TLOAD1/2, DLOAD, ACSRCE, UNBALNC, and RGYRO are migrated to loadstep inputs entity.


  • New bulk card and subcase selection CNTITF to define parameters for contact interference.
  • New solver option in Export Browser to export MPC and CORD2/CORD4 cards in large field format.
  • Export solver card option from Model Browser right-click context extended to OptiStruct interface.
  • New solver option in Export Browser to export solver input with HMMOVE and HMDPRP comments.
  • MAT9OR and MATMDS materials are allowed to assign to PLY, PCOMP, PCOMPG, PSHELL cards.

Resolved Issues

  • CORD3R to CORD1R conversion on export using Nastran template
  • RBE2 model checks to be consistent with OptiStruct solver checks
  • Incorrect export of coordinate systems with referenced system
  • Unable to reference a transient subcase in DESOBJ
  • Incorrect face assignment while creating PLOAD4 on pyramid elements