Quality Feel (Static) Analysis

You will evaluate SnR issues for static/touch point locations.

In various industry, the perceived quality is measure by the touch and feel of the product. While being a subjective topic, the engineering community have broken down this assessment to different load cases. One of them is the Quality feel, which usually consist of applying a static force on different location of the product, simulating a consumer touching/pressing the parts. The first assessment is to measure the stiffness [N/mm] and compare to the target. While the stiffness can be acceptable, other issues can occur such as squeak noises. These are the result of stick-slip between parts touching each other. With SnRD Static load cases setup and the associated post-processing capabilities, analysts can now Squeak Evaluation under static push loads.

Below is an illustration of the workflow that shall be covered in this usecase:

Figure 1.