Driving Vehicle Exposed to Thermal Effects (Combined Loading)

to evaluate SnR issues when system is imposed with multiple loading conditions,. I.e vehicle is parked under direct sunlight and is driven off.

The reason is that any product designed operates in variable conditions while being subject to variation loads. A typical challenge faced in the automotive industry is how does my vehicle interior performs under driving conditions while the vehicle have been parked in the sun for many hours?

To answer this question, vibration loads responses (Dynamics) need to be superposed to the temperature effect on parts (Thermal Expansion – Static), gaps are reduced for example.
In this workflow, you will evaluate the squeak and rattle issues in a dynamic condition where the vehicle, in this case a parked under sunlight with spike in internal temperature (Static loadcase). Later the car is driven, which is exposed to Dynamic Loading. Below is the illustration of the Driving Vehicle exposed to Thermal Effects (Combined Loading) workflow.

Figure 1.