Include Files

Most FEA solvers allow you to organize the input deck into separate files and provide a mechanism to include (or refer) these files in the main input deck.

This capability is commonly known as "include" capability. HyperMesh allows you to import such models using three options.
preserve includes
Preserves the data in individual include files along with their references in the main model. You can review the contents of individual include files via the Include Browser. When exporting, entities are written into the corresponding include files along with their references in the main file.
skip includes
The data in the include files is not imported into HyperMesh. The include references are maintained and are written out to the main model during export.
merge includes
The contents from the all include files are imported into the HyperMesh model but their references are not maintained. When exporting, all entities are written into the main file.
The Model Browser allows you to create, review, edit, organize and update the contents of a model into various include files. Every entity in HyperMesh belongs to either the main model or an include file. Each include file has a name (title) and location (full or relative path). An include file can be designated as the current include file. Any new entities created or imported are placed in the current include file. You can create a new include file, and drag and drop entities between various include files using the Model Browser.
Note: Models that do not reference any include files are placed entirely in the main model.