Import Files

In Engineering Solutions various file types can be imported into the selected client. The Import tab allows you to input external CAD line and surface data or finite element models. You can also import/merge model files (.hm) into the current model session.

Import options vary based on the client currently active.

Importing any type of file into Engineering Solutions essentially means that the selected file is appended to any file currently open. It does not overwrite/replace the existing file. Therefore, you can use the Import option to open two (or more) files into one window.

The Custom option allows you to import models using your own custom-built import translator. It can also be used to import models using a translator provided with the installation but which is not directly accessible via the default menu. To access the Custom option, set the file type field in the Import tab to Custom.

The Export tab allows you to write information from a database to many finite element formats. Geometry data can be written in IGES format.

Engineering Solutions uses templates to create the analysis input decks for finite element solvers. You can modify the existing templates to support a desired feature or create a new template to support another analysis code. The templates can be used to create model summaries and perform some analysis calculations. You can also use the templates to perform complex editing or data manipulation tasks.