Import FE Models

Import solver input files.

You can import FE models for supported solver interfaces, or import FE models for custom FE input translators created by customers for ay internal or proprietary solver.
  1. Import a model in the following ways:
    • From the menu bar, click File > Import > Solver Deck.
    • From the Standard toolbar, click (Import Solver Deck).
    The Import - Solver Deck tab opens.
  2. For File Type, select the solver specific file type to import.

    By default, this field is automatically set to the solver-specific file type of the currently loaded user profile.

  3. In the File field, click and select the file to import.
  4. If File Type is set to Custom, click and select the appropriate reader.
  5. Define FE Model Import Options by clicking to the left of Import Options.
  6. Click Import.