Connector Definition

A connector definition describes the connection between multiple entities at a specific location.

Entities that are to be connected are referred to as link entities. The connector location can be defined as:
  • node
  • node list
  • geometric point
  • line
  • line list
  • surface
  • elements
  • tags

Any number of link entities of differing types can be added to a connector in any order. The connector sets the order of link entities during the realization process.

Example: Connect Assemblies

The projection behavior for connecting assemblies.

In this example, the model file has two assemblies that each have two components:
  • Assem 1 contains Comp 1 and Comp 2
  • Assem 2 contains Comp 3 and Comp 4

A connector is created with the Links as Assem 1 and Assem 2, and the number of layers set to 3.

During realization the closest found components residing inside the 2 assemblies will be retained as the component links.

Inside each assembly, the closest component to the connector is determined to satisfy a 2T connection, and for the third layer (3T) the closest component to the connector in either of the assembly links is utilized.
Note: The same projection behavior is used for parts containing components.

Figure 1.