Element Organization

Organize elements into connector groups.

Connector Groups

Connector groups are created and organized under the root of the Part Browser. A part is automatically created to house the new connector group. To create a connector group:
  1. Select the connectors you want to contain in the new group.
  2. Drag the selected connectors onto the target connector.
    Note: If the connectors are in different includes you will be prompted to create either a single group or multiple groups.

    Figure 1.
  3. Choose whether to create a single group or multiple groups.

Element Organization

Element organization is done through the Browser Configuration dialog. You can set the element organization field to one of the following options:
Connector group
Organizes the connector realization into components of the same name as the connector group.
Organizes the connector automatically based on its links. They can be either general (all connector links are in the same subsystem or no subsystem) or subsystem (one or more links are in multiple subsystems).
Current include
Organizes the connectors into a current include when realizing a connector.
Current component
Organizes the connectors to a current component on realizing.
Component ID
Organizes the connectors to a specified component ID on realizing.
To organize elements:
  1. From the Connector Browser, right-click in white space and select Configure Browser. The Browser Configuration dialog opens.
  2. Click the Local Options tab in the left pane to display local options.
  3. In the Element Organization field, select the appropriate option.

    Figure 2.
  4. If you selected Automatic, in the Subsystem Organization field, select either Paired (subsystem connectors create subsystems to organize and realize based on connector links) or Single (subsystem connectors create a single subsystem to organize and realize).
    Figure 3.

  5. Click OK.