Model Menu

The Model menu is categorized into sections, each focusing on particular aspects/constituents of the crash model building.

The first section focuses on model constituents, components and its physical characteristics. The second section focuses on auxiliaries to define load, boundary conditions, contact, and so on, in the model. The third section focuses on reviewing and checking the model. The menu has minor modifications depending on the solver that is loaded.

The following tools are available:
Assembly Create and modify assemblies, which are collections of component and multibody collectors or other assemblies.
Box Create and modify a block entity.
Card Editor Select the entities that are viewed in the Card Image panel.
Check Elements Verify the basic quality of your elements and to verify the geometric qualities of those elements.
Component Create and update components.
Component Table Interactive tabular list used to represent components with associated properties and materials.
Contact Surfaces Create and modify contactsurf entities.
Control Cards Set job-level, solver specific data.
Count Obtain a count of all the entities in your database.
Curve View and modify graphed curves in the Curve Editor.
Damping Create, review and edit damping definitions and its card images in the model.
Delete Delete data from a model database, preview and delete empty collectors and preview and delete unused property collectors, material collectors or curves.
Failure Create, review and edit failure definitions and its card images in the model through property collector.
Functions Create, review and edit function (curve) definitions in the model.
Intersection/Penetration Check for penetrations and/or intersections of elements.
Hourglass Create, review and edit hourglass definitions and its card images in the model through property collector (LS-DYNA only).
Material Table Create materials in Engineering Solutions.
Materials Create, review and edit collectors and card images or dictionaries.
Model Checker Checks the model for errors and warnings. This tool is available in the Radioss and LS-DYNA solvers while using the Crash user profile.
Organize Reorganize your database by copying or moving data (entities) among collectors or includes.
Plot Create and manage plot collectors.
Property Create property collectors.
Read Curve Input an xy data set from an ASCII file.
Rename Change the name of a specific collector or to rename types of collectors to their respective ID with an optional prefix.
Renumber Renumber entities.
Sets Create, update and review named sets of entities.
Simple Math Tools for applying mathematical operations to curves.
Systems Create rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems.
Summary Obtain a summary of component element counts or element properties of the current model.
Table Create and modify the table.
Vector Create and modify vectors.