Tools Menu

Lists shortcuts to macros available that complement the panel options in building the crash model.

Note: The menu is similar for LS-DYNA, Radioss and PAM-CRASH with minor modifications.
Table 1.
Conversion In Radioss converts to a PAM-CRASH template.
Find Connectivity Check the connectivity between two or more components
Clone Part Clones the selected part with a new name and option for assigning property and material (Radioss and LS-DYNA).
Part Info Summarizes a part’s characteristics and statistics (Radioss and PAM-CRASH).
Substructure Tool Provides several features for creating and modifying substructures (PAM-CRASH only).
Organize Xlinks Move and arrange existing LINK type elements (PLINK, ELINK, LLINK, SLINK) to existing components (PAM-CRASH only).
Apply Initial Metric Applies the initial metric to the current model for simulating the inflation of airbags (PAM-CRASH only).
Model Tour Review (tour) the selected components individually. This macro displays the component name, number of elements in that component and their ID range. It also displays a dialog that allows you to review the free edges of the component and any elements attached to the component.
BOM Comparison Tool Reads a generic Bill of Materials (BOM) file and provides an interface to manipulate data in the BOM and its corresponding FE mode.
Create Solver Cards Quickly create any solver card available in the user profile.
ID-Manager Manage all of the IDs for the entities that you create, and define ID ranges for all of the entities in each Include file in relation to the full model in order to avoid ID duplication.
Penetration Check Check components or groups for element penetrations and intersections (Radioss and LS-DYNA).