SolverSubmodels allow you to manage ID offsets as well as define transformations on solver entities or Include files.

SolverSubmodels are generally used to position a sub-assembly of a model by defining transformations on it, and, manage the entities IDs in the sub-assembly by defining IDs offsets.

The SolverSubmodel is differentiated from a solver Include files by its entity icon ().

In the Radioss solver profile, the //SUBMODEL keyword is mapped to the SolverSubmodels.

The definition of a Position entity and Transformations on a SolverSubmodel allows you to position the content of a SolverSubmodel in the space.

Create SolverSubmodels

Manage ID offsets as well as define transformations on solver entities or Include files using the SolverSubmodel entity.

  1. Use the Model or Solver Browser to create a SolverSubmodel.
    • In the Model Browser, right-click and select Create > Solversubmodel from the context menu.
    • In the Solver Browser, right-click and select Create > Submodel from the context menu.
  2. In the Create SUBMODEL dialog, define the SolverSubmodel.
    1. In the Name field, enter a name.
    2. Under Offsets, define all entity ID offsets.
    3. Click Create.
  3. Modify ID offsets in the Entity Editor, or by dragging-and-dropping entities or Include Files into the SolverSubmodel in the browser.

    ID offsets will be automatically assigned on affected entities during a move operation (drag-and-drop) of those entities (or Include files) into the Submodel.

    Changing the ID offsets in the SolverSubmodel Entity Editor will not renumber the entity IDs already defined in the SolverSubmodel. You can manage ID offsets of entities defined in a SolverSubmodel in the ID Manager using the Edit ID Offsets option accessed from the contextual menu.

    Moving entities or Include files into SolverSubmodel when ID offsets are defined, may result in ID conflicts during ID offset operation. In that case, you will receive a message to inform you about such IDs have conflicts, and you can choose to perform an automatic renumbering of conflicting entities or stop the move operation.