Periodic Meshing

Periodic meshing is a method to create a grid containing rotational and/or translational symmetric boundaries, for example rotating machinery.

Create Periodic Mesh

Before you begin, generate a mesh on the source geometry using any of the HyperMesh meshing algorithms, for example 2D mesh with BL.
  1. From the menu bar, click Mesh > Create > 2D Elements > Periodic Mesh.
    The Periodic Mesh dialog opens.
  2. Select surfaces.
    1. Use the Source: Surfaces selector to select source geometry.
    2. Use the Target: Surfaces selector to select target geometry.
  3. Use the Symmetry options to describe the mesh transformation between source and target geometry.
    Note: The Translation and Rotation options can be used simultaneously for one transformation.
    • To define the translation vector, select the Translation checkbox.
    • To define the rotation by an arc, defined by three nodes, or by an axis and a rotation angle, select the Rotation checkbox.
  4. Check mesh and geometry.
    • To whether source and target geometry are rotational and/or translational symmetric or not, click Check/Modify Geometry.
    • To check for source and target mesh to determine if symmetry exists, click Check Mesh.
  5. Click Map Mesh.

The mesh from the source geometryis mapped onto the target geometry.

After a successful mapping step, information about the transformation is plotted in the log region of the dialog.