Create Representations

Representations utilize the mesh parameter and criteria files that are included with HyperMesh. You can find these files in the BatchMesher. The Param File and Criteria File fields display the representation specific mesh parameter and criteria file.

Common representations form the basis of all subsequent discipline specific mesh representations. When you select a discipline specific mesh representation from the Change Representation dialog, Create tab, the Common representation residing in the repository is automatically sent to the BatchMesher for processing. If the Common representation does not exist it will be automatically generated.

  1. In the Part Browser, right-click on part assemblies or parts and select Representations > Create from the context menu.
  2. In the Change Representation dialog, Create tab, select a desired representation.
    The availability of the selected representation in the repository is displayed next to the representation type within parentheses.

    Figure 1. Available Representations. (0/11) common representations available in the repository.
  3. Optional: To save the newly created representations to the Part Library select the Save to Library checkbox.
  4. Select the Midsurface method (default is Skin).
  5. Click OK.
    All representations are sent to the BatchMesher for processing in parallel. Upon completion, all representations are automatically saved to the repository.

    Figure 2. BatchMesher Processing
  6. In the BatchMesh dialog, specify how representations are imported.
    • Click Yes to import all representations into the session.
    • Click No to not import the representations into the session.
      Note: The representations will be available in the Load Representation dialog.