Representation Load Settings

Settings to configure the representation entity management behavior.

Open the Representation Load Settings dialog by right-clicking in the Part Browser and selecting Representations > Settings > Load Settings.

The representation entity management settings work independent of the import binary and import deck entity management settings.

The following options are available for components, properties, and materials.
Offset ID.
Merges incoming attributes with conflicting IDs into the session, and offsets their IDs.
Keep Existing Attributes.
Maintains existing in-session entity attributes and incoming conflicting entity IDs.
Keep Incoming Attributes (default).
Maps incoming entity attributes to the in-session entities.

When Offset ID is selected for components, both incoming and existing geometry and FE residing in the component with conflicting IDs are kept. When Keeping Existing Attributes or Keep Incoming Attributes are selected for components, incoming geometry and FE that resides in the component with conflicting IDs are kept.