Model Browser View Modes

The Model Browser consists of the following predefined browser view modes:
  • Model
  • Includes
  • Components
  • Properties
  • Materials
  • Optimization (OptiStruct user profile only)
  • Assemblies
  • HyperBeam
The different view modes are located within the first row of icons in the Model Browser.

Figure 1. Model Browser View Modes in OptiStruct User Profile
Quickly invoke a view mode by double-clicking on the entity folder or an entity in the browser. For example, double-clicking the Components folder or a component entity invokes the Components view. Double-clicking on the Beam Section Collectors folder opens the HyperBeam view.
Note: The Optimization and HyperBeam views can only be invoked by clicking their respective view mode icon.

Figure 2.

Select the different view modes to quickly display specific entities in the Model Browser and graphics area. After you select a view mode, Engineering Solutions provides additional information associated with the entity in the Model Browser. Use the Optimization view mode to not only control the display, but to also create optimization problem definitions.

You can use the browser view modes in conjunction with the selector mechanism to easily find and query entities.

Model View

This is the standard view mode for the Model Browser. All entities within the session will be listed in the tree.

Figure 3.

Includes View

Lists all Include files in the model. The contents of each Include file is organized (grouped) into folders containing each entity type. Each of the folders can be expanded to review the individual entities in that folder. For more details, see Model Browser Include View.

Figure 4.

Components View

  • Lists only components in a flat list.
  • Turns on the FE and Geometry style columns.
  • Populates the Indirect Property and Material columns (dependant on user profile).
  • Includes the Direct Property column, from which you can toggle between direct/indirect property assignment.
  • Visualization mode is set to By Comp

Figure 5.

Materials View

  • Lists only materials in a flat list.
  • Visualization mode is set to By Mat.

Figure 6.

Properties View

  • Lists only properties in a flat list.
  • Type and Card Image columns are turned on.
  • Visualization mode is set to By Prop.
  • A new button for element visualization by direct or indirect property is added.

Figure 7.

Optimization View

  • The optimization view is only available when the OptiStruct user profile is set.
  • Lists only optimization related entities.
  • Visualization mode is set to By Comp.
For more details, see Model Browser Optimization View.
The optimization view can be used to define optimization problems and objectives.

Figure 8.

Assemblies View

  • Lists all Assemblies in the model. Components are organized (grouped) under the Assemblies they are assigned to. Components that are not assigned to an Assembly are displayed in a flat list under the Assemblies.
  • Visualization mode is set to By Assembly.

Figure 9.

HyperBeam View

Unlike other views, the HyperBeam view does not affect the overall model's display; instead, it focuses entirely on beam elements and enables the visualization, creation, and editing of beam sections and beamsection collectors. For more details, see HyperBeam View.

Figure 10.