Grid Attribs Panel

Use the Grid Attributes panel to edit the grid line information contained in a plot.

Location: Post page > xy plots panel

Grid lines in a plot can be thick or thin, solid or dotted, and can be dense or fine, based on the increments you specify.

Panel Options

Option Action
plot = Select a plot.
plots (collector) Select the desired plots from the modeling window.

This is an alternative to using the plot= input.

thin lines / thick lines Choose to use thin or thick lines for the plot. Thick lines are more visible on high-resolution displays.
(line option switch) Choose a design pattern for lines.
grid color Pick a color to draw the grid lines in the plot.
margin= Specify the width of the margins around the plot.

Command Buttons

Button Action
update Update the selected plot(s) to use the current settings.
find curves Select a plot and determine the minimum and maximum values necessary to display all the curves on that plot. The window is then set to that size.
circle zoom Zoom in on an area of your plot.
zoom out Zoom out from a plot.