ALE Setup Panel

Use the ALE Setup panel to create and modify input data pertaining to the Arbitrary-Lagrangian-Eulerian.

Location: Analysis page
Important: Only available in the LS-DYNA solver interface.

Create Subpanel

Use the Create subpanel to create ALE groups.
Option Action
name Specify a name for the ALE card.
type Specify a type for the ALE card.
Type (HyperLife Weld Certification Card Image)
LS-DYNA Keyword
Additional cards related to ALE modeling:
  • *SECTION_POINT_SOURCE (collector/property panel)
  • *INITIAL_VOLUME_FRACTION (*Element_Solid card image)
color Select a color for the ALE group.

Add/Update Subpanel

Use the Add/Update subpanel to link entities such as components or a set to the ALE cards created in the Create subpanel.
Option Action
name Specify a name for the ALE card.
options Use the entity selector to select entities to link to the ALE card.

Command Buttons

Button Action
create Create the ALE card.
update Update the selected card with the new information.
create/edit Create the ALE card and immediately open the Card Editor with the ALE card loaded.
review Highlight the selected mass element.
edit Open the Card Editor with the current ALE card loaded.
update color Update the ALE card color with the newly selected color.
return Exit the panel.